Photo by Henry Ninde

Photo by Henry Ninde

Meet Me!

Hey, my name is Andrew Winn and I am an adventure photographer based in the Midwest. I first picked up a camera in fall of 2014. Ever since then it was been a life changing passion of mine. I see the world in a different way, taking in the small moments and meeting other amazing photographers in the process. 


My latest project was called Where Shall We Wander. I left June 10th and spent 7 weeks car camping trip all over the Northwest of America. It covered 12,559 miles, 13 states and 2 countries. It's all about packing up and seeing where the road takes me while finding new views, roads, friends and life lessons along the way. The 156 page book about my travels was released in January and can be purchased here.

My Goal:

When I take pictures I'm not just capturing a photo, but a moment that want others to feel when they look at my work. Everyone has a story and I feel that It is my duty to tell that story and capture it through my photography. I love adventuring and documenting lives on my journey and I hope you can join me along the way.


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